Tuesday, 2 January 2018

What to Consider Before You Develop and Design your Ecommerce Website

Online retailing is the latest trend! Whether it is a businessman or an entrepreneur people prefer availing online service because of the ease and wide range of facilities offered by the professionals. There are several websites on the internet and in such a condition how can a person make their website unique, attractive and 100% user friendly. The best solutions to all these questions are, you need to hire a professional shopping/e-commerce portal developer who access your complete portal and make it unique for you. 

It is easy if you choose a professional and trusted company who offer these types of service and having experience on same platform. If you develop your shopping portal by the professional than it is will help to promote your business online. So it is true, the success of the online shopping business depends on the e-commerce developer, designer and the trick of picking a professional by the business owner.

Consider Before You Develop and Design your Ecommerce Website

·         Plan for Online Shopping Business – Throwing a stone in the dark, is it good for any business? I think no because without planning it is less chance to grow any online/off-line business. So before going to startup a shopping site you need to list all point which is favor or not favor with your business and analyze every point one by one.
·         Select Your Target Market – If you analyzed every point which you have listed in plan then you need to move to select your target market and analyze user interest towards online shopping. For it you may use free Google SEO tools Google trends, and Google keywords planner.

·         Choose a Domain 

      Domain selection play a crucial role for promoting your business online So you need to think multiple time when you are going to choose domain for you business. At the time of domain selection you need to follow following point.
1.    Domain name length must be less than 15 word.
2.    Domain must be readable.
3.    Domain must be user friendly.
4.    Domain name must be branded.
5.     Never choose EMD, PMD Domain.
6.    If you want to target global market then must select gTLD domain.

·         Web Hosting – Mainly there are three type of hosting in which VPS and dedicated hosting is the best for shopping portal. Dedicated hosting is at the top in all hosting then sure it’s response time is very fast means your site will open fast.
·         Choose the best platform for your e-Commerce store – There are many platform for developing a shopping portal like wordpress, Laravel, Magento etc in which Magento is the best for single or multi vendor shopping site.

Choose shopping portal development specialist for Develop your Portal

Enticing all the potential viewers towards the website is entirely a different task than making them stay longer as well as converting them into a consumer. It is not easy to convince them to buy the services and products sold by the online retailing business. 

It is highly significant to design a website in a specific manner that will have all the features ofe-commerce shopping portal and the attractive layout not only for holding the attention of the viewers but changing the viewers into buyers or sellers of the product.

Responsive designs

The multi-vendor shopping site needs to be highly responsive as people are accessing shopping site through mobile phones. The uses of smartphones are continuously growing and e-commerce witnesses a great segment of traffic due to the smartphones.  

Research shows that a greater percentage of online sales are made with the help of mobile phones. Because of this facility, it is incredible to optimize the multi-vendor shopping site for mobile use. Every online business should make certain that their consumers should have the best experience no matter which phone or computer they are using to reach the site.

The basic step for having a responsive shopping portal, one requires hiring a professional who will not only design and develop the site but implements the plan for making the site easily accessible for mobile and desktop users. There are various kinds of tools that can make a website very powerful for example Episerver CMS! This tool is used for enhancing the functionalities of an e-commerce website.

Complete security

At the time of developing an e-commerce portal, the site should have the facilities to support SSL. This is used for encrypting the information so that all the documents and necessary information remains secure. This is highly important to secure the payment sources that are the debit card, credit card or online banking. 

Customer information also requires security, for example, the phone number, email id, address and so on. Online shopping portal ensures all their customers that the information will remain secured and will not be misused. In order to main complete security, it is a very good idea to implement SSL.

Optimization of the website for better performance

 A slow site can be a complete disappointment for the visitors as one does not have enough time or patience to wait. This specific default can make the business lose customers. Users immediately abandon the multi-vendor shopping site if it takes more than 3 to 5 seconds to load. 

This is more factual in case of mobile users as they are multitasking and likes moving on to something else. In order to retain the viewers and converting them to buyers, e-commerce/shopping portal design should be optimized to ensure that the site is optimized to ensure speed and better loading.

Attracting viewers

Every online retail business should target that their customers should have smooth and rich experience when exploring the website immaterial of the fact that they are making any transaction or not. Experts have provided certain suggestions on what are the considerations that should be made in order to get the best e-commerce/ shopping portal design.

Considerations before hiring a shopping/e-commerce portal development service:

The online shopping portal should support guest checkouts -

All the companies that have e-commerce web portal should provide a facility where users or buyers have to create an account of their own.  In order to make transactions or purchases, a personal account is necessary as it not only makes easy accessibility but service provider too can follow up and have better communication along with better future sales. Online shopping portals analyze the demographic information about their clients in order to serve them better.

Another aspect of account creation is that lots of customers do not prefer making an account. Only repeated customers will want to create an account so that they can enjoy the benefits and save themselves from hassles such as fill up the delivery address and personal information every time they want to buy a product. Having an account also helps the buyer as the company sends notifications about the upcoming sales and so on. In spite of all the facilities, it is better to have an option!

Access to the multi-vendor shopping portal

Market research shows that more than 35% visitors of an e-commerce website searches according to the products or service they are looking to buy. At the time of design and development adding search, functionality is highly essential. It can also be helpful if they have auto-complete features as these attributes make the search process easy for the users.

 These points are enough to make your multi-vendor shopping portal successful in a highly competitive market. These are the certain aspects that have to be kept in the mind during shopping/e-commerce portal development. Keeping all the essential aspect intact is the task of a professional as they are used to it and deal in e-commerce portal development 24*7.

Another important point at the time of designing and development is that the e-commerce website should be SEO friendly not only in its functions but in case of content etc. if an individual is looking forward to creating an e-commerce shopping site and desires to gain some knowledge by contacting a professional then get in touch with a reputed and reliable company. Make the ecommerce/shopping portal design after consulting the best and appoint a leader of the industry. Feel free to seek advice or assistance for designing and development task!


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