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SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most effective ways of promoting business. In
the present era, every business owners are running to boost their business organically to get
visibility on the first page of the search engine but most of the business don’t know. How is it
possible? I will guide you from the starting to the end point.

Most of the business owner hire digital marketing professional to overcome the pressure of
digital marketing and invest money without tracking the service. So if you are a professional
business owner you need to track your service otherwise your money and time will be wasted. You need to know “How to plan for SEO success for 2018?” I am here to guide you at every point which is going through first-page visibility.

I am long runner on digital marketing platform and always analyze the growth factors which
affect the visibility of a business. As per me, the main factors for boosting SEO ranking in the current
year are the social presence, website content intent, website speed, website responsive, link land to
your business site and many more. So you have to check everything for better SEO report. Let
us describe one by one in details.

  • Deep back analysis Through Tools – 
Link building is the best technique for boosting SEO value organically but authority and relevancy play the big game. If relevancy does not match with your
business then it treats as a spam. So analyzing everything is not easy. I always suggest you use ahrefs back link analysis tools for analyzing your business back link or your competitor back
link. There are many tools for analyzing all, you may Google it.

Always select high authority relevance link for SEO boost up and keep eyes on link gain or link
land to your business website. Quality links are effects the SEO results, therefore, every
professional has the duty to look for a powerful link, examine the profile and use the suitable
ones for getting results.
Some of the most powerful backlink analysis tools:
  1. Ahrefs
  2. Open site explorer
  3. SEO power suit
  4. Monitor backlinks
  5. Majestic SEO
  6. Link research tools
  7. Kerboo
  8. Cognitive SEO
  9. Linkody
  • Spam test – find out the spammy link and disavow it
In current Black hat SEO become demanded and your competitor may move towards it to
harm your business ranking by throwing a spamming link to your site. So, in that case, you have to
disavow all spammy link through disavow text file. Do you know how to disavow a spammy link?
If not then visit our old post by clicking here.
The simple explanation to spam means negative SEO and this is a dark side of online marketing
and Google has made sure that people follow the negative ways will be penalized therefore a
link control tool is used for preventing spamming and affecting the traffic of the site.
  • Structure data testing and implementation
Structure data types are a series of user-defined information or data type that has a sequence
of features and each attribute have a data type. Attributes are those points that describe the
type. Structure data testing and implementation is a tool used in the SEO process for analyzing
the data and fetch for understanding how Google reacts to the page. People can check most of

the things that are needed for improving the rank. After the analysis people can understand how
to implement the data and create markup for single pages. This is an effective tool to improve
traffic to the website.
  • Deep on page analysis – website structure, heading, links, images, URLs, Content, Menu and many more.
On page is a direct link to the website that provides a precise but powerful description to the
viewers. This is a very well organized and an optimized tag. The contents are not scratched
from the website rather it has some keywords and is located in the very first paragraph of the
website. Meta descriptions are written for all the web pages in the website and its importance
can be clearly understood.
On page text and optimization is highly important as the Google tries to choose the best match
between the content and the search that people are doing. Thus the page meta descriptions
should satisfy all the requirements that are required for proper SEO.
  • Mobile first view and speed test
The current generation is mobile friendly and prefers having everything on the go. People would
not wait to reach their office or home and then search for something that they need therefore
having a website that is optimized for the mobile view is essential for improving its rank. Before
a website is made live the experts have the duty of checking their layout on the mobile as well
as its speed. When the speed is considered, experts have to ensure that it must not take more
than 2 to 3 second on desktop and maximum of 4 to 5 second on mobile. Mobile users have a
little bit more patience than that of a desktop user.
  • Social test
Social presence play a big role in SEO so first you need to how many social links are integrated with your business and how long they are active on social media. Only creating
and integrating all social links to your business website are not being a good signal of smart
SEO. So you need to recheck everything and be active on it.
Deep Content (Text, Image, Videos, PDF, DOC) Analysis- Intent, Stuffing content and
  • copy content Check-Up
Content is still King for SEO so you need to check 3 times before submitting the content to your
live website or blog. An SEO friendly content must be user-friendly, intent clear, not copy and
stuff. Content may be a text, image, video or a file but be sure content must be fresh, user-friendly and search engine friendly.
As an SEO professional must ensure that the content is free from plagiarism, it has accurate
information, to the point, it is not vague and most importantly it should not be stuffed with
keywords. Content quality is highly important for Google ranking as Google ensure that it isn’t
copied and is liable to be published.
  • Website traffic analysis
For an old business you must analyze your website traffic, How (source of medium) a userland
your business page, how long spend time on your site, how many page visit, the source of
browsing, which browser use and from which page they moved from your site. These all things
you may track by simply integrating analytics account to your business website.
If you are able to track your customer then you may analyze your business and set up a better
plan. Analyze bounce rate of your site if it is more than 50 then try to reduce by modifying on
page changes.
  • Competitor on page analysis and plan for self
When looking for an extraordinary ranking of the website, the professional must ensure follow
correct ways and competitors on page analysis and plan for self. SERP analysis helps in
understanding how the competitors are able to get the top rank and what the effective ways of
getting best Google ranks are. The SEO team gets valuable details and ideas about how to
push the traffic up and get the essential ranks.
  • Competitor link analysis and plan for self
There are best tools available for making an analysis. This is an integral part of searching for
the competitor’s link and also understanding the ways of getting success. Backlink software
analysis tools enable the professional in building a plan for themselves with the help of report
they prepare in the analysis the successful competitors.
  • Implement new thought for lead generation
When talking about the lead generation, email marketing is the best way and highly effective. It
is not a surprise for anyone as people have received unexpected results. Every professional
must focus on generating a new lead by implementing new ideas and keeping themselves up to
date with the Google rules and techniques.

When an individual is looking for a professional help to rank their website on the first page, they
must ensure trusting on an expert. An experienced SEO Company or professional will ensure

long lasting and effective results by offering brilliant website design planning.


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