Friday, 30 March 2018

Practices to do the right e-commerce business in India

With the increasing number of e-commerce websites popping up in India we can have almost everything delivered to our doorstep. That is a boon to the customers in their busy scheduled life. However, it brings a lot of inconveniences too at times. Searching the right product for the right need becomes an issue. 

It is also a major challenge for the business houses to maintain their sites with profit with so much competition around. Let whatever be the product there are some basic rules that any e-commerce house must keep in mind while developing their website and business venture. Here are a few:

1. Basics First: It is very important that the website gives very detailed and accurate knowledge of the product it sells. If it is an apparel website then the material of fabric, colour, size everything must be true. There is no space for approximation. It must write 100% cotton only if it is 100% and not 90%. Similarly, maroon should not be confused with red.

2.Realistic Product picture: It is  obvious  that the best angle and features of the product will be displayed in the catalogue, however, the pictures should not be so much edited that it actually becomes way different from the actual. Too much lighting and editing must be avoided.

3. Accessibility Requirement: If the product you are selling needs any special specification of devices or any other particular accessory for its usage it must be clearly mentioned. Customer must be aware of the pros and cons. The product should never be a waste to the customer.

4. Terms and conditions: The terms and conditions warranty and return options must be clearly mentioned right below the product. There should not be any hidden rules. Every detail must be mentioned in easy language.

5. Payment Options: Payment options must be flexible and compatible with the recent practices. E.g. people widely use various apps nowadays for money transfers. So payment through the popular apps must be an option. Also If the products are sold internationally then currency conversion option must be there. It will help the customer to calculate the exact price of any product in his or her own currency. The taxes and other charges must be separately mentioned for the better understanding of the customer.

6. Customer details protection: The various customer details including their postal address, phone number, debit or credit card details, account number, age, gender or any big or little details should be protected. Any leak of any information is strictly prohibited. Also for online payment procedure, the process should be through safe and trusted gateways.

7. Delivery details: The delivery changes( if any), estimated delivery time and other necessary details must be accurate. Sometimes delivery charges are taken according to the mode of payment. In that case, it must be clearly mentioned. Also, delivery time option must be given. Not everybody can collect the parcel at any given time. So business houses should arrange delivery according to the mass convenience.

8. Post Order services: The duty of the business house comes to play after the orders have been placed. The customer must be constantly updated regarding the whereabouts of the product. Proper email and messaging services must be arranged.

9. Offers and promotions: Any customer who is a regular buyer or otherwise must be periodically updated with the recent offers and promotional discounts going on, on the website. I can be done via email or message. However, in both cases there must be an option of un-subscription. Not everybody likes to be pinged from every website they once bought things from. So unsubscribe option should be easily available and clearly visible. Unsolicited emails are a big no. You should never start sending emails before prior consent of the customer.

10. Company Identity: In every email or message sent to the customer the company name and logo must the clearly visible. It will not promote the brand but also make it easy for the customer to identify the brand with less hassle

11. Presentations and advertisements: The product displays should be innovative and must have a change over the time. The same presentation over a long period of time can be boring. Also one must arrange for “suggestions” and “frequently bought” options. That way it will be easier for the customers to buy more than one product and thereby be profitable to the company. There should be proper online, commercial and off-line marketing and advertisement of the company. The more and more people get to know of the company, more and more will buy products from it. The advertisements should be unique and catchy.

12. Customized offers: The business house should arrange for customized offers. It should check the activity of a particular customer and offer promotional discounts accordingly.

13. Customer services: The details of customer service options must be clearly mentioned. It should be easy to find and access. A 24*7 helpline should be available. Email facilities should also be there. Customer assistant person must be competent with more than one language. The customer problems should be solved in the minimum amount of time. Also, care should be taken on customer satisfaction. After resolving any problem, the customer should be further asked if they any more assistance or not. There should not be any fee for customer assistance.

With the growing market of e-commerce, the competition is also increasing. Every company should be aware of its competitors and their policies. Alongside these above-mentioned points are some of the basic things to keep in mind while doing e-commerce business in India, Just the diversity of people, their needs are diverse too. So importance should be given to customer need and satisfaction.

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