Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Key Differences Between On-Page, Off-Page SEO and Social Promotion

As per me Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the mixture of on-page off-page and social presence mythology but most of people think SEO is only the combination of on and off-page technique due to lack of knowledge of SEO. I think SEO is the boosting our business trust for search engine as well as user and without Social presence it is tough.
There are separate mythology for on-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Social promotion for promoting your business organically. If you will do it on right direction by keep in mind that you are promoting your trust apart from promoting your business than I am sure you will success.  
After long joinery on digital marketing platform I have seen up and down flexibility in SEO. It is about more than five year that I am running since and working for top organization of Kolkata and got top ranking on search engine.

So if you are running a business or a learner than take a look all three points before start journey on SEO. 

On-Page SEO: 

When you are boost your trust through your website by changing your website design, development, content, title, description, meta, image, video, heading, link and many more that call on-page changes. In short that SEO work which you are doing on your website is call on-page changes.
A short and updated list of on-page changes which you need to do in  2018
  • Optimize website layout
  • Use lead generating technique
  • Optimize content – Write promotional content with intent clear.
  • Integrate social link
  •  Optimize Heading
  • Optimize Link
  • Use structure data
  • Optimize Image
  • More details Click Here

Off-Page SEO: 

When you are promoting your trust through third party website by sharing your content, Image, video, Doc, info graphic and many more is call off-page SEO. It is best way to boost up your business trust for search engine. This is not a easy technique you have to analyze first before sharing your file like relevancy, authority of third party site, link where you placed it and file quality that you want to share. 
A short and updated list of off-page changes which you need to do in  2018
  • Blog Submitting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Substation
  • Guest blogging
  • Video sharing
  • Image sharing
  • Doc sharing
  • PDF sharing
  • Business Listing – GMB, Bing etc
  • Directory submission
  • Question and Answer
  • Classified posting
  • Bookmarking

Social Promotion

Social promotion is one of the most effective way to promote your trust and SEO ranking for 2018 and future so we never neglect this when we are going to promote our business or brand. But due to lack of knowledge most of business owner neglect this promotion technique. They all are looking business ROI after investing money in online marketing but they don’t know without his/her support it become too tuff for gating match ROI in online marketing. After all we pressurize for promoting his/her business.

Social promotion is only effective if business owner support online promoter and it become too easy if they do. I short Social promotion is crucial for online promotion and it is effective if business owner support his/her business promoter.        
      A short and updated list of Social promotion which you need to do in 2018
  • Create effective profile and page for your business on Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • Share access of your business page with business owner and group.
  • Be active on it.
  • Try to share informational and promotion post on regular basis with time frame.
  • Join relevance Group and community.
  • Try to solve customer issue and give right feedback.   
I think this post will help you about organic business promotion and details view of on-pege off-page and social promotion and for more post keep touch with us.

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