Monday, 26 March 2018

Top 7 ways to get more reviews for a Business

Reviews not only help you sell the product but also help in building up a trust with potential customers. However, in today’s busy world, it’s true that consumers have notoriously short attention spans and a million other things to do besides write reviews. But voicing up one’s opinion is also a positive aspect of today’s world. 

Customers do want to share their experiences and you can definitely succeed in getting more customer reviews if you know how to ask correctly. This will help you build stronger relationships with your consumers in the process.

Reviews good or bad, both are important for your business. While positive reviews are great, negative ones also help you put up the right products according to the need. positive review help your business to boost up trust and negative reviews get you a change to update your flout.  

When you are going to promote your business online or offline both will play a big role. But the real power is in the reviewer. A customer willing to spend the time to review you is a brand ambassador. e-commerce houses should be thinking about how it can harness its relationship with these valuable people to help spread the word, both online and off instead of just asking them for reviews. Or else the reviewers will not be reviewing in long term.

Few things you need to think for gating more review:

  • Reviewing must be quick and easy: Do not put up an open-end question. Most customers will ignore that and will in turn not write a review. Ask a set of small questions with points. So that customer can review in few clicks.
  • Make a timely approach: Ask for reviews within few hours of delivery of the product or in a day or two. The longer time you take the lesser are the chances of getting reviews. The customer generally tends to forget what exactly he or she bought.
  • Name the product: With the advent of so many e-commerce websites and apps and almost everybody relying on them for their daily needs, people tend to forget what they bought and from whom. So always mention the website name and product name when asking for a review.
  • Send reminder email: In case the customer did not review the product on the first go, send a reminder email after a day or so. People have their own busy lives, sometimes it is not possible to review right after. But that does not mean the customer does want to review. A reminder will help in that aspect.
  • Arrange for a small incentive: Everybody loves gifts and surprises.Plan your business accordingly such that you can give small points against every review your customer writes. Make these points easily redeemable. This can be a great initiative and can fetch a lot of reviews and also help you grow your business.
  • Respond to the reviews: If it is a positive review appreciate and reply back with a note of thanks. But in case it is a negative review respond back at the soonest. Help the customer resolve the problem, Be it product quality related or any technical issue post every detail of the steps taken to reassure the customer. It will not only help restore the bond with the customer but also help you gain the trust of other potential customers.
  • Feature the reviews: In today’s world of social media linking reviews to the social media can be a quirky way of getting more reviews. Select the best reviews and post them on the social media page of the brand. People like to see their opinions getting importance. It will make them write more often.Also mass will be able to see the reviews and the process goes on.
Reviews are not only post-buy opinions but a kind of promotion too for the product or service. It is this important to get reviews as many as possible. It establishes a bond of trust between the customer and the seller. Following these simple gestures can help the seller in the long run.

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